Without Words: Weld, Maine is a book of photographic art derived from the land that exists within the borders of Weld, Maine. The carefully curated images lead the viewer through an inner journey of mindfulness and shifting perspective.  This book is a wonderful meditation on nature and seeing. It is a must-have for those who seek inner exploration and is also a lovely addition to art collections and coffee tables alike.

A collector's edition of 25 exclusive 12"x 12" hard-bound books with over 100 photographic prints on archival paper are now available. Each book is signed and numbered by Enya Latham Hout. Please see the Raven & Seven page on our website to purchase a limited edition book. The gallery below holds a sampling of photo spreads included in the book.

perfect day web.jpg

Collage is an excellent medium for discovering formal relationships of colors and form between disparate photographs. I enjoy this medium because it is driven by the workings of the subconscious. Collage can reveal what is unexpected. The first series of collage on this page is called Cathedral.  It is a series of cropped and mirrored photographs of a fort, a lake beach, a puddle, a brook, shadows on snow an oak tree, snow covered pines and snow covered electrical wires. The structures formed by combining these disparate subjects reflect the formal structure of Gothic cathedrals.

Nature, as a subject, provides infinite possibilities and variation. Sunsets are a favorite and popular subject that provides distinct set of possibilities...the end of another day, the shapes of the shadows, how the clouds form...  One reason sunsets are fascinating is their ability to saturate the sky and our personal experience with color. The following collage series has roots in the sky over the western U.S., a sunset on Webb Lake, Maine and a sunset viewed from the hills of Oakland, California.

The Sky and Surface series seeks to explore some formal relationships between water and various forms: liquid, vapor, stone sculptor, reflective & refractive substance.

This series  has a theme of evolving from one end of the collage to the other, sometimes up and down, other times left to right. The pine tree evolves in the scale of focus, clouds evolve from drawing the eye into the image to pushing it out, and light evolves from above to below and vice versa.

sunset book.jpg