“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” - Fredrich Nietzsche

All my current work starts with walking. I go into the natural world and walk along a beach or through the woods...with my camera and my eyes. I open the lens to beautiful moments that I see, want to share, and remember. I look for how those things can be captured the way that I experience them, by shifting angles and perspective to capture the colors and forms that reflect my view. I take dozens of photos of one space, exploring it as thoroughly as time and conditions allow. Flattening my observations into a two dimensional frame accentuates previously unseen forms and patterns. 

The images in this post are from a walk along a deserted beach in Weld, Maine during the autumn. I came across this jetty with a section of tree washed up at its edge. Following the curving arm of sand, I looked out upon the lake, and saw a narrow sandbar with a branch abandoned on it, echoing the jetty's gesture. There had been high winds in the previous days and the water table was low allowing the jetty and sandbar to surface. Waves rippled along the outside arm of the jetty, resounding its shape. The inner pool was calm and reflective. As the sun set, it reflected across the lake lighting the shore with the same pale yellow that shone in the sky above the mountains.


I start with a walk.

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