Our office is located in the western mountains of Maine. Enya often travels for projects and also performs distance healing + consults on a regular basis. She understands the uniqueness of each situation and works to adapt strategies to present the best possible outcomes. Enya believes that there are solutions everywhere.

About Enya

Enya was born in the bayou of Louisiana and discovered a deep connection with the spirit world at an early age. Her first word was "kitty", demonstrating an innate connection to animals. She was intuitively drawn to the natural uses of plants as a child and some of her earliest memories are building relationships with plants and their spirits. Enya almost died of spinal meningitis at the age of four and afterward started sensing non-plant + animal spirits around her.

At age seven she started doing energy work for protection while she was sleeping. She attended church regularly for years seeking a context for what she was witnessing but could not explain. She started reading books about superstitions and ghost stories. At age 10, Enya was reading fortune telling cards to the neighborhood children. Her favorite pastimes were building forts in the forest, collecting + mixing different herbs, bark + berries, and spending time in the brook at Bon Ami (her grandfather's hunting camp).

Ever with one foot in this world and one foot in the other world, Enya has forged deep relationships with spirit guides, plants, animals and the elements. Her personal strengths are visionary, strategic, activating and significant. She stands in the flow of idea creation, utilizes her ability to see future possibility and chooses ideas based on strategic ability.

Enya has completed higher education in Art, Landscape Design and Architecture at the University of Vermont, California College of the Arts, City College of San Francisco and Columbia University in the City of New York.

Enya is a Shamanic Practitioner, Medium + Psycho-pomp, Reiki II Practitioner/Energy Worker, Alchemist (distilling chaos into clarity),  Intuitive Architect, Healing Landscape Designer, Sacred Artist, Strategist, Consultant and Entrepreneur. She loves designing sacred spaces, healing the land and people. Her garden is her sanctuary.

Enya also founded a nature, healing + wellness retreat space called Tourmaline Center ( and co-founded Benjamin Leo + Associates (, a Business Consulting + Accounting firm.

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