Basic Creative Consult

Basic Creative Consult


This consult is a quick and easy advice offering on singular creative issues. It is good for creativity blocks, generating ideas, identifying a specific problem, developing a simple plan of action. It is a 1 hour consultation.



Complete the questionnaire. You will then be prompted to select an available time in my schedule. I will review your answers to the questionnaire, before our conversation, for insight into your situation. Please be a specific as possible when answering so that we can make the most of our time together. 

Based on your answers, I will contemplate and connect with spirit (before we speak) as necessary to address your needs efficiently during our consultation.

More work together may be suggested during our session but the intention of this offering level is to address the issue at hand as thoroughly as possible during this singular exchange. If extra work is suggested, then it is entirely your choice to pursue the extra work or not.